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Felling & Clearing

These images barely show that over 25 trees were cleared from this site; it was then cultivated, levelled and prepared for turf. Borders were created using 30 tons of topsoil and 1030 rolls of turf were laid to create a lawn just over 1000 square meters.
Garden completed  - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

The remaining trees were shaped and a great deal of planting was done by our customer in her new borders.

All the felled timber and woodchip was retained by the customer for their own use as logs and mulch on paths. It can be very pleasing to know that if you have a tree down in your garden you can use it for logs later on.

Fencing, Paving and Lawn preparation - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Major Landscaping

The only item that was kept was the greenhouse, the rest was altered. The access to the area was via a 75cm wide side entrance through which all the machinery and materials had to go in and the waste go out. The garden had to be suitable for a disabled customer, who was very keen on her garden.

All completed - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

We completely changed the original sloping garden, making raised flower and vegetable beds, constructing both close boarded and panel fences, adding paving, paths, a summer house, irrigation, lighting and a lawn. We assisted with the planting and now maintain the garden.

All the staff at Trees & Gardens really enjoy doing a good job.

Good Peparation - Oxford - Trees & Garden Ltd


Good preparation is essential; ground must always be well dug over, in this picture Paul is using a 3 ton excavator to turn over the soil to which was added, compost and bonemeal, this was in preparation for planting 300 containerised Hornbeam trees to create a circular hedge. Spiral rabbit guards were added and a mulch of composted wood chip was used to retain moisture and reduce weed growth.

At Trees & Gardens, we believe in recycling our waste wood chip as much as possible and once it is composted, makes a fantastic mulch round newly planted trees.

Trees Planted and Guarded - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

This image on the left shows trees in a small plantation, each tree hole was dug with a mini digger, planted again with compost and bonemeal and individually guarded to protect them from rabbits and deer. The trees are also staked for stability and mulched as before.

It is essential that trees are not planted too deep or too shallow, you can rely on us as we have the experience to know how to do this properly, giving our customers good results.  

Major Landscaping - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Open Landscaping

These pictures show a 3 ton excavator having altered the edge of a field and dug up the foundations of an old barn. The area was levelled and seeded and a curved post and rail fence was put up to give a better access to some stables.

All our staff are fully qualified to use this excavator.

Leval, Seeded, Fenced - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd -
Rabbit Proof Enclosure - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Field Fencing

This image shows an enclosure that has been erected to keep rabbits and deer from eating a newly planted Saxon style hedge. The hedge which is a mixture of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Wayfaring tree, Guelder Rose and Spindleberry, was planted in this boundary enclosure and then mulched with composted woodchip.

Rabbit Proof Fence - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

This image shows rabbit proof netting that has been attached to an existing post and rail fence, the netting is buried in the ground approximately 30 centimetres deep. A public right of way crossed the fence so we added a two step stile and a sliding dog gate.

The timber is pressure treated coniferous timber with the netting, and fixings galvanised. Our staff takes pride in constructing, fences of all types to a high standard. We also build pergolas and rustic benches.  

Processing Firewood - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Firewood Production

This photo shows our Jappa Firewood processor converting timber into logs for one of our customers. We produce good quality logs, quickly and efficiently. The image below shows split firewood awaiting seasoning. In the bottom image converted timber is being stored in 1 cubic meter metal crates to help season it.

Logs awaiting seasoning - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Not only do we produce logs directly from our customers own trees for their own use we also cut and season our own timber for retail sales. We produce standard sized logs for open fires and wood burners and can cut & split logs for special orders between 150mm up to 600mm in length. We deliver in tipping pickups, in loads of between 0.5 to 3 cubic meters at a time. Please give us a call for a price; I’m sure we can help.

One Oak Project - Oxford - Trees & Gardens ltd
We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the OneOak Project . On a cold snowy morning in January 2010 an Oak Tree, given by the Duke of Marlborough was felled in front of 250 local school children. The tree had been studied in depth, photographed, drawn, painted, measured, felled, weighed and finally cut up to make superb furniture, carvings and for our small part, firewood. Please follow this link to find out more about the project.
Removing a birds nest - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Commonly known as a MEWP or a Cherry Picker. We use this for a wide variety of work, from Property maintenance, in the top image we are removing a bird’s nest from the top of a chimney. Our platform has tracks and is only 85cm wide so usually can just fit through a side gate. It is very manoeuvrable and we protect the ground beneath by running it on plywood boards. Below you can see we are pruning vines and ivy from a large house, it is much safer to be doing this sort of work from a platform when you can let go with both hands, rather than perched on the top of a steep ladder!

Removing Vines - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

The great thing about using a MEWP is that trees and hedges can be accurately trimmed and pruned, in a similar way to pruning standing on the ground. We can be very precise in what we cut off, which is great for shaping and trimming tall hedges, topiary, tree reductions, sectional felling and property maintenance.

Our Customers - Oxford - Trees & Gardens Ltd

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